What's NestEgg?

How does crowdfunding innovative infrastructure reduce my cost of living?

VCs won't deploy solar panels in your neighborhood

NestEgg empowers individuals to discover and crowdfund sustainable infrastructure that provides their basic needs. Now the community can gather the capital necessary to upgrade their standard of living by purchasing windmills, solar panels, delivery drones, and self-driving cars to be deployed their neighborhood.

Community members are now community stakeholders, investing in the future they wish to retire in and pass on for generations to come.

Definition of

nest • egg

1. (noun) A fund of money accumulated as a reserve
2. (company) Creating life-security by reducing your cost of living

For Example: Purchase pieces of solar panels via a web-app and reduce your energy bill each month by your share of kWh produced.

NestEgg is the future of pensions 🌱 creating life-security by reducing your cost of living


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