What's NestEgg?

How does crowdfunding innovative infrastructure reduce my cost of living?

Money is at the core of our society.

Every day we work to make money, to sustain our daily life and secure our distant future. Money buys you services, for now and for later. Money is tangible in the present, but money might have a total different meaning and value in the near future. Securing your distant future has, until now, always happened in the form of pensions—putting money aside for later. But, do we know how much we’ll need later?


nest • egg

1. (noun) A fund of money accumulated as a reserve
2. (company) Creating life-security by reducing your cost of living

NestEgg is the future of pensions 🌱 creating life-security by reducing your cost of living

The future is insecure to many, so NestEgg aims provide tools that create tangible security in a positive future that you can start building today. We might not know how much money we’ll need in the future, but we do know we need energy, housing, care, transportation and so on. Our motivation is to have these essentials covered, so you can use monetary savings for more luxurious pursuits.

NestEgg aims to enable individuals to directly own pieces of sustainable infrastructure that powers their future. This would consist of ownership in green energy assets, houses and so on. Each individual would receive the value created from one’s investment, traceable to the percentage of ownership in the asset. By crowdfunding with others, individuals can replace financing normally provided by banks to enable everyone the opportunity to reserve future access to the value created from these investments. This allows people to secure their distant future, while simultaneously shaping the future they wish to retire in and experiencing the benefit of it right now. NestEgg lets you invest in the future you wish to retire in.


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